In-Person Events

We’ve been perfecting our world famous in-person experiences for over 20 years. If you want to the best get-together ever, there’s no better way to do it.

  • Best experiences – Our Classic Go Game is our most popular in-person experience, which thousands of companies rated as a 10 out of 10.
  • Pricing options – Have a lower cost in mind? Select our Lite Go Game Game Adventure. It’s a lower cost version of our Classic Go Game but with all the same fun built in.
  • Best ever – Our in-person experiences are routinely booked by our customers and for good reason. We’ve been in business over 20 years and have perfected in-person game playing experiences.

Hybrid Events

Need to bring your in-person and virtual teams together? Hybrid is a perfect fit for seamlessly bringing both groups together while experiencing the benefits of both virtual and in-person experiences.

  • More people can participate – Whether you’re faced with travel restrictions, remote workers, or health concerns, offering a hybrid event gives everyone a chance to join.
  • Streamlines logistics – Event planners have had their work cut out for them juggling venue sizes, public health concerns, distancing considerations, quarantine guidelines, and more. Hybrid events make these issues substantially easier to manage and follow through with.
  • Host more of them – Because hybrid events are significantly less costly than in-person ones (less airfare, hotels, meals, etc.), you can host smaller, more frequent events throughout the year to keep your teams connected, engaged, and inspired.

Virtual Events

Want more options and a lower cost than what our in-person experiences provide? Our virtual experiences bring your team together no matter where they are while keeping everyone connected.

  • Access to more games – Allows your teams to participate in all of our fantastic experiences in a virtual format, plus choose from 30+ online only experiences!
  • Exclusive access – Our subscription service gives you access to experiences not offered anywhere else. Plus, new subscription-only content is released regularly!
  • Lower cost – Our virtual experiences cost much less than in-person experiences and will keep your team entertained, rolling with laughter, and connected.
  • More options – Choose between hosted events, non-hosted events, or semi-hosted events. However you want to play, we’ve got you covered!



Hundreds of activities
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Multi Ball Ring

Each team has a common loading point and individual goal corners. Every goal corner, in turn, has scoring parameters that must be met at the time of delivery. Any default will lead to negative points or disqualification from the game.
  • ages 18+
  • 30 Min
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Holy Pipes

Each team will be presented with a bucket of water, cups, and a pipe ridden with a certain number of holes. At the bottom of the pipe lies a ball that needs to be scouted out with the help of water. The challenge is that the cups and water are limited and easily spill through the holes.
  • ages 18+
  • 20-30 Mins
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The Armour

The team is given newspaper sheets. The team has to choose a leader within the team and make armor from the props given to them within the given in time. The challenge is given based on the team.
  • ages 18+
  • 15-20 Mins
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Big Picture

Each team is given a picture of some elements. As a team, they need to draw / paint the picture within the given time. The challenge is given based on the team.
  • ages 18+
  • 15-20 Mins
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The Mines

The team has helped one of their blinded people cross the finish line without stepping on the BOMBS. The challenge is given based on the team.
  • ages 18+
  • 15-20 Mins
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Reaching the Goal

Each team will be given an object and asked to place the object as far as possible from the starting line, the point where the object is placed becomes their point achieved, and it is marked and measured. Everybody in the team should be connected. The challenge will be given based on the team.
  • ages 18+
  • 20-30 Mins
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Ultimate Volleyball

Each team is given a bedsheet and they are positioned on the volleyball court with the net in between them, boundaries drawn, if the balloon goes out of the boundary, falls on the net, or the ground, the opponent gains a point.
  • ages 18+
  • 20-30 Mins
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We offer over 150 meticulously crafted activities grounded in management principles, aiming to provide lasting benefits to employees well beyond the confines of a team-building event.

Outdoor activities

If outdoor activities are your favourite, then we’ve got a wide range for all ages and abilities.

Water activities

Raft Building, kayaking of water-based sports and activities, all with expert tuition and supervision when you need it.


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